Dedicated Business Internet

Guaranteed Speeds up to 10 Gbps | Ultra Low Latency and Jitter | 99.999% Uptime | 24/7 Local Support

Multi-point Redundancy

POINT 1 GeoLinks’ wireless broadcast towers are connected to a fiber backbone.

POINT 2  GeoLinks’ vast tower coverage allows each circuit to have at least one, if not more, additional fixed wireless backhauls.

THE POINT Your dedicated hybrid network is built with true redundancy to ensure you always stay connected.

Zero Data Mining Guarantee

We respect your privacy and have a strict “no data mining” policy. We also promise to never:

  • Block or discriminate against any lawful online content
  • Throttle the transmission of data
  • Prioritize traffic to certain websites over others

Read our full policy on net neutrality here >

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Why Upgrade to Dedicated Internet Access?

When your Internet is part of a shared terrestrial circuit, you’re doing just that, sharing. You’re sharing speeds and bandwidth, and thus, what your neighbor does may affect the quality of your connection. ClearFiber™ provides you with a dedicated fixed wireless Internet circuit. Because it’s yours, and only yours, you are guaranteed to receive the speeds you sign up for. NO SHARING!