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GeoLinks Named a Supplier to Telarus, Largest Master Agent in the U.S.

Camarillo, CA – (March 31, 2021) – GeoLinks, the fastest growing telecommunications company in California, announced today that it had been named a supplier to Telarus, the largest privately held technology services distributor (master agent) in the United States. Telarus is known and respected for its home-grown software pricing tools and unique mobile apps. GeoLinks […]

GeoLinks Acquires 208 Spectrum Licenses from Verizon, Making it the Largest Holder of Active LMDS Licenses in the 29/31 GHz Bands

Camarillo, Calif., March 25, 2021 – GeoLinks, the fastest growing telecommunications company in California, today announced that it has entered into a deal to acquire 208 Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) band spectrum licenses from Verizon covering markets across the United States. The deal, once approved by the FCC, will make the company the largest […]

Peter Marber Named Advisor to GeoLinks Board of Directors

Camarillo, Calif., March 16, 2021 –  GeoLinks, the fastest growing telecommunications company in California, today announced that Peter Marber, pioneering global investor and founding member of Aperture Investors, has been named an Advisor to the GeoLinks Board of Directors. “Peter Marber’s extensive expertise in the world of finance will be invaluable to us as we […]

Rachelle Chong and Richard Wolpert Named GeoLinks Board Advisors

Camarillo, Calif., January 26, 2021 (Businesswire)– GeoLinks, the fastest growing telecommunications company in California, today announced that Rachelle Chong, a former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, and Richard Wolpert, a pioneer in the fields of software development, technology, consumer digital media and entertainment, have been named Board Advisors, effective immediately. “We are extremely fortunate […]

Is Fixed Wireless Internet Right for Your Business?

Is GeoLinks Fixed Wireless Internet the Right Solution for Your Business?

  Several Business Class Internet Options Are Available to Your Company – It’s Just a Matter of Picking the Best Business Internet Solution for Your Circumstance A variety of high-speed business internet options are available to provide connectivity to your business. They include satellite internet, cable internet, fiber internet and fixed wireless internet. GeoLinks has […]

From POTS to VoIP – A Look at Today’s Top Phone Systems for Business

January 5th, 2021 [UPDATED] Originally Published on July 24th, 2018 The Pros and Cons of Hosted VoIP Phone Systems (Hosted PBX) and On-premises IP PBX Phone Systems The modern-day analog telephone service – commonly referred to as a plain old telephone system (POTS) – can be accredited to numerous individuals throughout history. But it was […]

Why Upgrade to Hosted VoIP

Should Your Business Upgrade to Hosted VoIP?

Have you considered upgrading your business phone system? If so, there’s a good chance you recognize hosted VoIP as a modern, cloud-based solution. Hosted VoIP solutions – sometimes referred to as hosted PBX solutions – offer many advantages over traditional on-site PBXs or other analog setups, which is why it’s a favorite among businesses looking […]

Business Internet Comparison Fixed Wireless vs. Fiber-optic

Battle for Best Business-class Internet: Fiber Optic vs. Fixed Wireless

  What is the best Internet service for business? Internet is the lifeblood of modern business – an essential component of day-to-day operations, whatever those may be. It’s not enough to just have connectivity either. When selecting the best Internet service for business, most organizations require Internet connectivity that’s fast, reliable, and high-quality in order […]

Internet Failover for Business Continuity

Why Internet Failover is a Must-Have for Business Continuity

  Redundant Internet Connections Will Keep Your Business Going Network outages are costly. When your Internet connection is down, you’re cut off from suppliers, customers, distributors, sales partners, cloud applications and, of course, revenue. While the costs of all of this activity grinding to a halt are staggering for enterprise customers – pegged at $5,600 […]

How to Determine the Amount of Bandwidth Your Company Needs

How Do I Determine the Amount of Bandwidth My Company Needs?

December 28th, 2020 [UPDATED] Originally Published November 30th, 2018   Your Guide to Determining Bandwidth Requirements As the world becomes more interconnected, our dependence on the Internet is becoming a non-negotiable business necessity. Most business applications that were formerly used offline or in a Local Area Network (LAN) now reside in the cloud, which means […]

5 Factors to consider when choosing an ISP for your Business -

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best ISP for Your Business

December 22nd, 2020 [UPDATED] Originally Published May 31st, 2019 How do you choose the best business Internet Service Provider? With the proliferation of cloud services, and day-to-day business operations becoming increasingly reliant on the Internet, choosing the right business Internet Service Provider (ISP) is more important than ever. Businesses located in markets with many broadband […]

GeoLinks Channel Partner Program

Looking for a True Partner, Not Another Tech Vendor?

How GeoLinks Puts ‘Partner’ Back into Channel Partnership How often have you gotten a call from a channel manager, asking, “What have you done for us lately?” How many quotes, how many deals, how much revenue? At GeoLinks, it’s the other way around. Our channel managers are asking, “What have we done for you lately? […]

SD-WAN for Dummies: What is it and why do business use it?

SD-WAN for Dummies: What is It and Why Do Businesses Use It?

  New to software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN)? Here’s a complete tutorial on SD-WAN. Introduction to SD-WAN Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is leveraged by businesses for network management that offers ease of deployment, central control functionality, and reduced costs. And thanks to many business applications moving to the cloud, it can improve network connectivity […]

Fixed Wireless Internet for Business

How Does Fixed Wireless Compare to Other Business Internet Services?

  Here’s how fixed wireless Internet stacks up against other internet technologies. High-speed Internet service has become as essential as electricity in today’s modern business, and there’s no shortage of options available. Fixed wireless Internet is an often-overlooked, less widely known option among its competitors. However, in many cases, fixed wireless Internet delivers businesses more […]

GeoLinks, California’s Fastest Growing Telecom Company Raises Private Equity Funding from Group Led by Rock Mountain Capital

October 27, 2020 10:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time – Original Release published on  CAMARILLO, Calif.—GeoLinks, the fastest growing telecommunications company in California, today announced it has secured a significant minority investment from a group led by Rock Mountain Capital (RMC). The investment will power GeoLinks’ accelerated network expansion plans, amplify funding for strategic acquisitions and streamline […]

Fixed Wireless Internet Installations – What to Expect - GeoLinks

What Does a Fixed Wireless Business Internet Installation Look Like?

October 27th, 2020 [UPDATED] Originally Published on January 15th, 2019 Fixed Wireless Business Internet Installations – What to Expect Fixed Wireless Internet providers deliver high-speed broadband access to a single location via radio waves. Capable of delivering gigabit speeds with identical jitter and latency to fiber, Fixed Wireless Internet circuits can be installed at your […]

Rural Business Internet Options

What are the Best Rural Business Internet Options?

October 19th, 2020 [UPDATED] Originally Published January 22nd, 2019 The Pros and Cons of Different Rural Business Internet Options BroadbandNow Research reports that more than 41 million Americans don’t have access to broadband Internet. Similarly, a 2018 study conducted by Microsoft found that 162.8 million people still did “not use the Internet at broadband speeds.” […]

LTE • Failover Internet Connection

LTE + Destination Based Failover: How to keep your phones and POS system connected

October 16th, 2020 [UPDATED] Originally published on June 15th, 2020 Ensure Point-of-Sale Transactions and VoIP Calls Always Go Through Before we walk through 4G LTE failover for business Internet connections, let’s take a brief refresher on SD-WAN. What is SD-WAN? First, we need to briefly cover a software-defined network (SDN), as this is where SD-WAN […]

Employee Spotlight – Communications Director, Ben Gallagher

With a background in strategic media communications, Ben Gallagher focuses on evangelizing GeoLinks’ services and efforts to close the digital divide through earned media opportunities.   Let’s start with the basics, what’s your role at GeoLinks? I’m the Communications Director. I do everything from media relations, to content development and work closely with our marketing […]

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