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Not All Connections Are Created Equal

With the sudden surge in remote work and distance learning, internet connectivity has been put to the test. As we predicted, shared circuits in residential areas have been stretched beyond their limits with web surfing and video streaming competing for bandwidth with videoconferencing and large data uploads. These slowdowns are not unexpected. Most residential internet […]

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Network downtime can be a thing of the past

IT downtime can cost businesses on average $9,000 per minute, or $540,000 per hour, according to a 2016 study by Ponemon Institute. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again. With thousands, if not millions, of dollars on the line, it’s imperative to closely examine your service level agreement (SLA) when choosing your ISP. Ninety-nine […]

GeoLinks Comments on Competitive Bidding Procedures

COMMENTS OF CALIFORNIA INTERNET, L.P. DBA GEOLINKS California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks (“GeoLinks” or the “Company”) submits these Comments on the Public Notice, seeking input on proposed pre-auction and bidding processes proposed for Phase I of the upcoming Rural Digital Opportunity (“RDOF”) reverse auction.[1] INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY GeoLinks is one of the fastest growing Internet […]

GeoLinks Joins Pledge to Keep Americans Connected

California-based telecommunications provider GeoLinks, has joined the Federal Communications Commission’s pledge to “Keep Americans Connected” during the coronavirus outbreak. The formal joining of the pledge is a vow from the company to ensure that its customers remain connected to vital information infrastructure during these uncertain times. The Keep Americans Connected Pledge reads as follows: Given […]

The Importance of Creating Digital Business Certainty

By: Skyler Ditchfield, GeoLinks CEO As businesses across the country establish and put in place procedures to ensure business continuity in the face of uncertainties surrounding the spread of coronavirus, including a surge in remote-optional work, limited connectivity looms large over the best-intentioned plans. While your place of business may have its network firing on […]

Closing An Invisible Barrier

By: Skyler Ditchfield, GeoLinks CEO As schools across the country are forced to close due to the threat of coronavirus infections, a familiar theme, and one that my company is dedicated to solving comes to mind. I’m referring to the Digital Divide that is ever-present, not always seen by those with high-speed connection, but all-too […]

GeoLinks Recognized as One of the Best Internet Providers in Los Angeles

CAMARILLO, Calif.– GeoLinks was recently recognized as one of the Best Internet Providers in Los Angeles by A leading telecommunications company and competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) public utility, GeoLinks is nationally recognized for its innovative Internet and Digital Voice solutions. “At GeoLinks, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products […]

How SD-WAN Can Benefit Your Multi-Location Business -

How SD-WAN Can Benefit Your Multi-Location Business

Software-defined wide area network technology (SD-WAN) is a powerful tool for businesses that rely on the Internet to operate. It is especially beneficial for multi-location businesses. Of course, every company’s needs are a little different. So, is SD-WAN right for your business? Read on to learn more about its benefits and uses for multi-location businesses. […]

Get to Know Michael Hurst

Get to know GeoLinks’ Helpdesk Manager Michael Hurst

1. Let’s start with the basics, what’s your role at GeoLinks? As Helpdesk Manager, I oversee the Helpdesk, which is responsible for responding to client support tickets, and assisting our FieldOps technicians on installations. 2. What’s your favorite part about working for GeoLinks?          The company culture and environment. Everyone here takes great pride in the […]

5 Disaster Prevention Tips for California Businesses -

5 Disaster Prevention Tips for California Businesses

5 Disaster Prevention Tips to Help California Businesses Better Prepare for Natural Disasters Natural disasters can be both unpredictable and unavoidable. From loss of structure, habitat, property, and life, the associated damage can be unthinkable. For businesses, natural disasters can prove detrimental in many different ways. From preventing staff from making it into work, to […]

Melissa Slawson

Get to know GeoLinks’ General Counsel and VP of Government Affairs and Education Melissa Slawson

1. Let’s start with the basics, what’s your role at GeoLinks? My official title is General Counsel and V.P. of Government Affairs and Education. I handle all legal and regulatory matters, which includes tracking policies and legislation that may affect GeoLinks’ business and advocating for GeoLinks’ interests before various regulatory bodies (including the FCC). In […]

How Can Latency Affect Your Business? -

How Can Latency Affect Your Business?

What is Latency? Why Does Latency Matter? How Can You Reduce Latency? Have you ever found yourself frustrated because it’s taking forever to simply load a website? How about uploading a document into an email; do you feel like you might as well watch paint dry? Perhaps you’re in a rush to pull up a […]

Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit - Lessons Learned in San Diego - GeoLinks

Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit

Lessons Learned in San Diego – Panel at California’s First Ever Wildfire Technology Innovation Summit Moderator: Jessica Block, Assistant Director of WIFIRE Lab, Qualcomm Institute, UC San Diego Panelists: 1. Skyler Ditchfield, CEO, GeoLinks 2. Tony Mecham, San Diego Unit Chief, CAL FIRE 3. Brian D’Agostino, Director of Fire Science & Climate Adaptation, SDG&E 4. Graham […]

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