Learn More About GeoLinks’ Dedicated Business Internet ClearFiber™

But first, see if your location qualifies for our services. 

GeoLinks’ Dedicated Business Internet requires a clear “Line of Site”. Please fill out the form to your right, and our team of in-house engineers will qualify your location. Once qualified, a GeoLinks Client Consultant will contact you directly and present your service options.

At this time GeoLinks does not provide residential services. Once residential services becomes available, we will contact you.

Multi-point Redundancy

POINT 1 GeoLinks’ wireless broadcast towers are connected to a fiber backbone.

POINT 2  GeoLinks’ vast tower coverage allows each circuit to have at least one, if not more, additional fixed wireless backhauls.

THE POINT Your dedicated hybrid network is built with true redundancy to ensure you always stay connected.

Zero Data Mining Guarantee

We respect your privacy and have a strict “no data mining” policy. We also promise to never:

  • Block or discriminate against any lawful online content
  • Throttle the transmission of data
  • Prioritize traffic to certain websites over others

Read our full policy on net neutrality here >

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