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The internet of things (IoT) represents the computing concept that physical objects can be connected to the Internet and identify themselves to external devices. Recognizing the indisputable value of application in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, GeoLinks delivers LoRaWAN to diverse industry verticals across the state of California.

How can IoT help propel your business into the future?

GeoLinks IoT
Iot utilities

Utilities in Rural California

IoT sensors and devices can be deployed to help rural utilities in…

  • Monitoring substations; i.e. operating state and ground wires
  • Monitoring power poles; i.e. copper theft
  • Smart Water/Meter Monitoring
  • Energy and Tank Monitoring
  • …and much more


IoT sensors and devices can be deployed to…

  • Enhanced guest in-room and on-location experience
  • Track hospitality employees
  • Enable real-time security operations
  • Track kegs and inventory
  • …and much more


LPWANs enable agriculture solution growers and providers and growers to collect remote data to enhance overall operational preparation and decision making. Deployment can aid in….

  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Informed water dispersion
  • Weather monitoring
  • Irrigation pivot monitoring and control
  • Livestock health and location monitoring
  • …and much more

Government Works

IoT sensors and devices can be deployed to aid in…

  • Environmental Monitoring and Hydroelectric Forecasting
  • Smart City Services such as traffic monitoring, parking optimization, smart lighting, and more
  • Public health/air quality monitoring
  • Food truck and food cart tracking for Department of Public Health
  • …and much more

How else can IOT be Deployed?

Wireless Smart Farming to Keep Frost Away From Citrus

“Computer science researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, are using the internet of things to prove that smart farming can be a farm implement as basic as the tractor and plough….”

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