Backup (Internet) Circuits

In a world reliant on Internet, digital downtime can cost a company upwards of $100,000 per minute.

Backup circuits from GeoLinks provide your business with a cost-effective means of ensuring internet uptime for your business. If you rely on the internet to run your business, our backup circuits ensure maximum business continuity by protecting yours from costly downtime.

GeoLinks’ Backup Circuits operate via our ClearFiber network. Unlike traditional terrestrial carriers, ClearFiber allows GeoLinks to bypass the local central office ensuring 100% uptime with speeds reaching 50MBPS.


We own and operate our network entirely in-house, so even when your main provider has an outage your ClearFiber™ backup circuit will keep you connected. GeoLinks offers businesses TRUE redundancy.


Ensure your data is always encrypted and 100% secure.

Dedicated Internet Access

GeoLinks’ Backup Circuits provide business with guaranteed bandwidth and a dedicated connection boasting 100% uptime.

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