Net Neutrality Repeal — Our Promise

In light of the FCC’s recent repeal of Net Neutrality, GeoLinks is publicly confirming the following promise to our customers:

  • GeoLinks will never block or discriminate against any lawful online content.
  • GeoLinks will never throttle transmission of data.
  • GeoLinks will never sacrifice the integrity of our ClearFiber™ network by prioritizing traffic to certain websites over others. GeoLinks does offer a separate service that creates a virtual router for on-demand, private, Layer 3 connectivity to top cloud service Providers. However, these services are sold separately, and only have positive benefits on our customers’ use of GeoLinks’ network.

The entire GeoLinks team wants to assure all of our customers that we will continue to operate with both integrity and transparency. It is one of our founding missions to always put our customers first, thus GeoLinks will continue to offer you the same high-quality services that we always have. We appreciate your continued business, and we look forward to serving you for years to come!