ClearFiber™ -

Enterprise-Grade Internet

Built with network redundancy and fiber optic connectivity to our towers, ClearFiber™ offers companies a dedicated and reliable connection unaffected by weather. Servicing some of the world’s most renown start-ups and enterprises, our network is built to scale alongside your company’s ever-changing connection needs.

  • Industry leading installation times
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Ultra-low latency
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Sub 4ms jitter
  • 4-hour max response time
  • 24/7/365 in-house Customer Support

The Buck Stops with Us

Because we own our network, you’ll never be get the run around. You only have 1 number you need to call.

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What Are Our Clients Saying?

You really can’t go wrong with GeoLinks. The internet is reliable and fast, and the customer service is even better! I wish I could get back all the time I wasted dealing with other companies. GeoLinks is the way to go.

Kori W. Oxnard, California

I have nothing but good things to say so far about this company. We just had our internet installed two days ago at our house and it was an absolute pleasure from sales to installation.

Megan B.Walnut, California

I love these guys. They respond promptly and efficiently, solve problems and truly care about good internet service. I’ve run through a number of ISPs over the years, and GeoLinks is the best by far.

Raina P.Ojai, California

My installer was Eli. He was incredible. Showed up on time, in fact he arrived before I did to our new building. From there we shook hands and he crushed it. He installed the dish, ran the cable, and got us up and running with a 100/100 circuit, and we are actually getting better speeds than promised.

Brian D.Simi Valley, California

I have had great service and support from the people at GeoLinks. They can get into areas where other companies can’t and I would much rather do business with people that answer their phone and get your service up and running in less than two weeks! I highly recommend that anyone shopping around start here.

Prisha S.Menifee, California

Lighting fast fiber optic internet with great customer service.  i would recommend this company to any business and or a family who wants to enjoy quality and reliable internet.  Thank you for all the help.

Ben C. Riverside, California

Whenever I have a project that involves Telco, I cringe. However, GeoLinks is not like any Telco company. GeoLinks is not dependent on the local carrier. When there is an issue, they don’t point fingers.  They get into our equipment, see the issue, and resolve it quickly.  You don’t have to go through several layers or levels of tech support to get answers and a resolution.  They don’t use tactics to get you off the phone.  I highly recommend their service.

Tina B.Camarillo, California

Great service, great price. AND the chance to talk to real people. NOT a industry giant  with call takers from who knows where.

Nathan D. Ventura, California