ClearFiber™ -

Premium High-Speed Internet

Experience Business-Class Internet from the comfort of your own home!

Guaranteed Speeds

ClearFiber™ is a dedicated Internet circuit. That means you actually get the speeds you sign up for. If you pay for 100Mbps of speed, you’re gonna get 100Mbps of speed.

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Industry-Leading SLA

Enjoy our carrier-grade Service Level Agreement boasting 99.999% uptime, ultra low-latency, virtually no jitter, and a 4 hour max response time!

Unlimited Bandwidth

And yes we mean unlimited. Gone are the days of endless buffering…

Why GeoLinks Internet

GeoLinks’ Golden Rule:

We treat you like we want to be treated. 

•   We operate with integrity. No hidden fees, no surprise add-ons, and no haggling. Ever.

•   We are real people. When you call GeoLinks, you speak to a friendly, local IT expert, trained to resolve your issues fast.

•   We are engineers. It is our obsession to innovate. We know how things work inside and out, and we never stop looking for ways to improve our network and technology.

The Buck Stops with Us

Because we own our network, you’ll never be get the run around. You only have 1 number you need to call.

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