Seamless Failover Integration

FiberFusion™ is a bonded fiber optic Internet solution. By fusing multiple circuits through a single LAN, GeoLinks is able to aggregate bandwidth into one superior IP scope so even if one mode of transport fails, your voice, video and VPN sessions do not drop. While we typically use this technology to combine ClearFiber™ with an ultra-low latency copper Ethernet circuit, GeoLinks has the ability to aggregate up to 8 circuits with ANY type of technology or outside carrier.

Our FiberFusion™ allows true end point QoS for voice and video applications inside our customers’ network. This means every data packet is inspected at the gateway, consequently, prioritizing voice and video traffic over data.

Backed by the Best in the Industry

We have clients that have chosen terrestrial fiber with us, copper and microwave for the highest level of redundancy possible. When blending two 99.99% uptime connections with us, we guarantee 100% uptime and completely SEAMLESS failover integration.

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Integrated Auto-failover for the maximum possible up-time and reliability.

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