T1, DSL & Ethernet Over Copper

T1, DSL and Ethernet Over Copper


We can deliver business grade ADSL products with a static ip, business-class service level agreement and our outstanding customer service. This is good for very small businesses or businesses that do not require the advantages of the other circuits. We also have long range ADSL2 products that can reach areas where normal phone company DSL is not available. In addition, we offer SDSL products. While it is more expensive and does not supply the higher data rates of ADSL, it does offer a longer range solution in situations where nothing else is available.

Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

Ethernet over Copper / Metro Ethernet or EoC is a product that is quickly replacing T1 circuits wherever it is available. T1 still reigns supreme in the category of coverage, but EoC is about half the cost of T1 circuits for the same bandwidth. With speeds from 2mbps x 2mbps to 20mbps x 20mbps, EoC is a high end, high-uptime, copper-based product with a business SLA of 99.999% for mission critical applications. Customers who are under contract with existing EoC circuits, but need more bandwidth, still have options with our fiber-fusion technology.


We have nationwide coverage for T1 circuits. We offer bonded T1’s in increments of 1.5mbps symmetrical up to 12mbps. Our business class SLA and excellent customer service comes standard with your T1 connection.

We offer Ethernet over Copper solutions as well that can be installed stand alone or integrated with other products via our FiberFusion™ service. Depending on range from the Central Office (CO) we now offer EoC solutions up to 200 MBPS!