ClearFiber™ Fixed Wireless Broadband

With industry leading installation times, GeoLinks’ flagship service, ClearFiber™, offers customers fixed wireless broadband service on the most resilient and scalable network ever built. Boasting ultra-low latency, 99.99% uptime, sub 4ms jitter, and a 4-hour max response time, ClearFiber™ has completely revolutionized and redefined microwave technology.

Built with network redundancy and fiber optic connectivity to our towers, ClearFiber™ offers companies a dedicated and reliable connection unaffected by weather. Servicing some of the world’s most renown start-ups and enterprises, our network is built to scale alongside your company’s ever-changing connection needs.

We own our network from A to Z

Never again experience the hassle of being caught between your provider, the phone company and transit carrier.

The buck stops with us!

We replace hundreds of other carriers’ T1, EoC and Fiberoptic connections with ClearFiber™ every month. Whether it be to save money, to experience superior customer service, to acquire higher bandwidth or to simply join the best ISP available on the market, thousands of clients are enjoying the productivity and peace of mind of our ClearFiber™ network.

Standard ClearFiber™ Delivers symmetrical business class internet with an Ethernet hand-off up-to 35MBPS.

Our new ClearFiber™ Ultra delivers up to 10GBPS connectivity!

Emergency 24hr or less installation available! Call or email now!