CENIC 2018 Internet for All in California — Featuring GeoLinks’ CEO Skyler Ditchfield

“Internet for All in California” session at CENIC‘s 2018 Annual Conference.

Featured Speakers:
Skyler Ditchfield, Rachelle Chong, Dane Jasper, Kim Lewis, Sunne Wright McPeak

Louis Fox

Session Description:

Advanced information, communication, computation and collaboration technologies, built upon broadband networks, have become essential elements for life in the 21st century. A major challenge confronting California today is how to ensure that all communities and Californians have access to broadband technologies, particularly those communities that have not traditionally benefited from leading-edge infrastructure. In a “big data” world, unprecedented volumes of data impact many facets of life from health care and public policy to national security, scientific discovery, education, and economic competitiveness. If California is to continue its leadership in these arenas, all Californians need access to these broadband technologies — in their homes, businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals and clinics, and government offices. Moreover, equity of access alone is not sufficient. Affordability is essential for many, as is the ability for some to adopt these technologies in meaningful ways. California is fortunate to have broad and effective partnerships among public, private, and governmental sectors working to address the digital divide, and the panelists will address how their organizations are involved, individually and collectively, to ensure that “Internet for All” is not just a vision but a reality in California.