Meet Lindsey Ditchfield — GeoLinks’ New Director of Employee Wellness and Company Culture

GeoLinks: Let’s start with the basics, what is your role at GeoLinks?

Lindsey Ditchfield: My role is to ensure the overall well-being and happiness of our employees by creating and maintaining a safe, fun, healthy, proactive, and interactive work environment. It is my goal to go above and beyond any expectations that people have about thinking of going to work while simultaneously promoting a healthy lifestyle by bringing healthy food and snacks into the workplace. Finally, I aim to bring departments together to promote employee collaboration by setting up events, in-office lunches, and different activities that promote synergy.

GeoLinks: What inspired you to take on this brand-new position?

Lindsey Ditchfield: For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about health and wellness and have wanted a career that impacts people’s lives in a positive fashion. In my personal life, I consistently help friends and family by coaching them to make healthy lifestyle choices, mentoring them through difficult decisions, and helping them resolve conflict. I’m both grateful and thrilled that I get the opportunity to help the staff at GeoLinks learn to help themselves.

GeoLinks:  What fuels your passion for health, wellness, and company culture?

Lindsey Ditchfield: In addition to everything previously mentioned, I truly feel that this is my life’s calling. This passion started long ago on my personal journey to find health and wellness. I worked relentlessly to find a way to incorporate healthy foods, exercise, mental well-being, and overall positive influences into my life each and every day. I essentially gave myself a life overhaul and saw the drastic difference it made in both myself and everyone around me. I am excited and thrilled to be able to bring my knowledge and experience to the GeoLinks’ team and support their desire for happy and healthy living.

GeoLinks: Why do you think company culture is so important?

Lindsey Ditchfield: Work is such a big part of our lives. In fact, we typically spend more time at work then we do at home. It is my goal to change the stigma of dreading to come to work every day. If I can make people instead excited and eager to come to work, then I will feel I succeeded.

GeoLinks: Outside of work….where can we find you?

Lindsey Ditchfield: When I’m not at work, I’m with my husband and daughter. My family is what drives me. Both my husband and I strive every day to be a good role model for our daughter by leading by example. In our free time, we enjoy exercising in our home gym, going to the park, the beach, going on hikes, walks, or just enjoying time outside. At the end of the day, you’ll always find us at home watching Netflix and hanging out with our animals.

GeoLinks: What’s something that most of your coworkers don’t know about you?

Lindsey Ditchfield: I have a love for crystals and gems—you can find them throughout my home. They fascinate me, and I find them both beautiful and calming.

GeoLinks: What is your all-time favorite workout?

Lindsey Ditchfield: My favorite workouts are weight training and yoga. I feel like they naturally compliment each other.

GeoLinks: How do you think your role will have an impact on GeoLinks as a whole?

Lindsey Ditchfield: I believe that the team will both feel and be happier, ultimately making them more productive at work. The more staff feel appreciated, safe, and supported, the more their productivity, career longevity, and health will rise. This translates directly into staff taking fewer sick days and producing a higher quality of work.

GeoLinks: What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Lindsey Ditchfield: My go-to healthy snacks are fresh, organic fruits, nuts, and fresh veggies with nut butter. I also really enjoy freshly made green juices.

GeoLinks: Can you give us a sneak peek into some upcoming initiatives you will be working on?

Lindsey Ditchfield: My top initiatives are bringing healthy and affordable breakfast and lunch options into the building, making exercise classes available during the day, creating fun team bonding events, administering physical and mental wellness check-ins, and offering in-house chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy sessions. Additionally, I am working on turning our company into a green office. From healthy soaps, cleaners, reusable dishware, and biodegradable paper items, I am ultimately attempting to eliminate plastic everywhere possible. In effect, each employee will have their own personal GeoLinks water bottle, and coffee/tea cup so we can cut out waste and reduce our footprint.

Parallel to the fun activities and nutrition, I am going to act as their safe space to come check in and just talk about how they’re feeling. From work life and home life, to feedback for the office, their peers, or their bosses, to being the space where they can bring new ideas to the table, I want every employee to know they will be heard.