Meet GeoLinks’ Chief Strategy Officer, Phillip Deneef

Phillip Deneef

Exclusive Q + A with GeoLinks’ Newly Appointed CSO Phillip Deneef

GeoLinks: Let’s start with the basics, what is your role at GeoLinks?

Phillip Deneef: As a chief strategy officer (CSO), I oversee the four different sales channels—direct, indirect, wholesale/carrier relationships, and government education— public relations, marketing, and customer success. This role is a new title that has been created as more technology and monthly recurring revenue companies have come about. Essentially, a CSO is responsible for generating the company’s revenue and making sure processes are in place to support your customers and prevent churn.

GeoLinks: What got you to the position you are in today…what came before GeoLinks?

Phillip Deneef: I got my start about 17 years ago in telecommunication space working in the mobility sector. From there, I developed a passion for technology and business development, I learned old school sales tactics, and then started venturing out to learn additional skills such as operations, marketing, and customer success. Right before I began working at GeoLinks, I was at an advertising firm called Giant Partners out of Westlake, California. There I worked in an operations role delivering data and marketing campaigns to Fortune 500 companies.

GeoLinks: What is your favorite part about working for GeoLinks?

Phillip Deneef: My favorite part about working for GeoLinks is the culture. I get to have a work-life balance where I can spend time with family and still feel fulfilled whether I work an 8-hour day or a 12-hour day. I also always feel like I’m having an impact on moving the needle in a positive direction.

GeoLinks: What’s something that most GeoLinks’ clients might not know about the company?

Phillip Deneef: We’re awesome! Just kidding, I hope they know that. We are heavily vested in a variety of different avenues that aren’t just about making money. We care about our people, and about people in general. We want to see more individuals, including our team members, feel fulfilled in their day-to-day life. We also care a lot about our environmental impact, which is why we strive to power our sites with solar power and wind turbines. We want to have an impact on this world by closing the digital divide and providing Internet access to everyone.

GeoLinks: GeoLinks new headquarters is making headlines…what is your favorite part?

Phillip Deneef: My favorite part is the basketball court. I’m a die-hard basketball fan. I love shooting hoops, and I love the fact that many of my team members like to as well.

GeoLinks: Outside of work…what is your favorite past time or hobby?

Phillip Deneef: My favorite past time is spending time with wife and daughter. Second to that, is basketball.

GeoLinks: What’s something that most of your coworkers don’t know about you?

Phillip Deneef: Perhaps that when I retire, I want to live on a farm.

GeoLinks: You are allowed to do anything you want, anywhere in the world, for one whole day…what do you do and where do you go?

Phillip Deneef: I would want to experience the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls with my family. One of the greatest joys of traveling with my daughter is seeing her face light up.

GeoLinks: Alright pressures on….give us your best or favorite motivational quote?

Phillip Deneef: Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

GeoLinks: What’s next…what are you most excited for when you think of your future with GeoLinks?

Phillip Deneef: I am most excited for being able to continue to invest in our local economy and grow the company so that we can rebuild the middle class.


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